"One of the most memorable and iconic wrestling stories I have ever encountered at any level. It's not just a wrestling story, but a story that illuminates the purity of the human spirit."

- Ben Cherrington

2006 NCAA wrestling champion 157-pounds
Former Head Wrestling Coach at the University of Northern Colorado


For over six decades, Colorado wrestling history had never seen anything quite like Tom Clum in 2001. Hundreds of thousands of Colorado high school wrestlers came before him, but none had ever challenged the historic feat that Clum was about to accomplish: the undefeated, four-time state champion prep wrestling career. Clum was rewriting the standard for greatness in perhaps the most mentally and physically taxing sport in existence, and in his endeavor he became one of the most sought-after wrestling recruits in the country. The unprecedented winning streak reached fever pitch during Tom’s senior year at Pomona High School. The media and entire state frenzied over the story of this lovably humble kid from Arvada. Meanwhile, Brett Roller from Wasson High School needed to salvage his otherwise unworthy wrestling career. Defying a mass of doubters and naysayers, Roller decided to chase his own form of wrestling history in 2001. Unmatched recounts the powerful and true wrestling story of Tom Clum and Brett Roller.


Brady Buck grew up on the plains of eastern Colorado in the small town of Wray on his family’s owned and operated commercial cattle ranch. After an enriching upbringing in rural America, he went on to attend Duke University where he studied Public Policy and Environmental Science, while also writing for the Duke student newspaper, The Chronicle. Covering the football, basketball, and athletic recruiting happenings at Duke cultivated an affinity for sports writing and the artistry of storytelling. Following his graduation at Duke in 2013, Brady returned to his roots to work in the agricultural industry. In the summer of 2019, Brady married his wife, Jordan Buck, who works as an attorney. The couple resides in Colorado.

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Five years removed from his collegiate journalism days, Brady still had a burning desire to pursue a writing project that called to him. Nearly twenty years ago, when Brady was just eleven years old, the stunning headline from The Denver Post in February of 2001 stuck with him all the way through young adulthood. The wrestling tale was unforgettable, iconic, and rich with themes that were difficult, if not impossible, to script.

In the spring of 2018, with an inescapable vision in his head for the story, Brady’s “one-third life crisis” hit him: He was determined to turn the story of Tom Clum and Brett Roller into a full-fledged book. After two years of production, one of the wrestling world’s and Colorado sports history’s most cherished stories is etched in permanent ink.

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